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2008-05-03 22:47:21 by ColonThree

Can you do PHP?

Really? You can!? OH, AWESOME! I need a loooot of PHP work done, if you're quite the PHP expert, and are willing to help, I will be willing to work something out in order to finally get this website finished. Poor little colonthree has been "under construction" for long over a year, and it's about time to do something about it!

Please, if you know any amazing PHP coders, send them over this way! You can help give birth to a great website! I have a lot of ideas, but alas, am not the coding type. Reply here or interested, or better yet, just shoot a PM over to BlueHippo.



2007-08-10 01:21:35 by ColonThree

will design a user page for this some time. doubt anyone even comes to this profile. gimme a shout if you see this ;)